Speaking Engagements

Abstracts available at papercall

CoderCruise 2018 - The Bahamas
Outrun the 🐻! Performance Optimizations for Progressive Web Apps
CodeLand 2018 - NYC
Workshop: Web Components + Polymer
WebCon 2018 - University of Illinois
Workshop: Introduction to Web Components and Polymer
Ensuring Design Standards with Web Components
Confoo 2017 - Vancouver, BC
Decoupling with Google Polymer
Web Components for Micro Services and IoT
LibertyJS 2017 - Philadelphia, PA
Web Components: The Future of Web Development is Here
ThunderNerds Podcast - 2017
Special Guest speaker with John Riviello
DevFest Florida 2017 - Tampa, FL
Decoupling with Google Polymer
Software as a Craft 2017 - Philadelphia PA
Why I < heart-polymer >
Little Rock Tech Fest 2017 - Little Rock, AR
Web Components: A simpler and faster React
MinneWebCon 2017 - Minneapolis, MN
Web Components: The Future of Web Development is here
Web Components Remote Conf 2017 - Virtual
A Vanilla Component
The Lead Developer 2017 - NYC, NY
Why I < heart-polymer >
The Web Platform Podcast 2016
Special guest speaker with John Riviello
Polymer Summit 2016 for Google - London, UK
Polymer in Practice @ Comcast
TYPO3 Developer Days 2016 - Nuremberg, Germany
Polymer Changes Everything!
Polymer in Practice @ Comcast
Hands on with Polymer
LibertyJS - 2016 - Philadelphia, PA
Polymer in Practice
Midwest JS 2016 - Minneapolis, MN
Polymer in Practice
JSConf 2015 - Amelia Island, FL
Polymer: The future of Web Components